Setting the Standard in Performance, Reliability and Service
RMI-9 (Remote Mobile Investigator)


  • Length 34” (86 cm)
  • Width 22” (56 cm)
  • Height with arms down (without main camera) 20” (51 cm)
  • Ground clearance 4.6” (12 cm)
  • Weight 140 lbs (64 kg)
  • Speed (variable forward and reverse) 0 – 1.8 mph (0 – 3 km/h)
  • Operating environment (all weather) -20°C / +50°C
  • Maximum curb height 5” (12.7 cm)

Robot Platform Specifications:

  • 4 wheel drive.
  • ¼” aluminum chassis.
  • 2 high performance permanent magnet type 24 VDC motors
  • Turns on own axis
  • High capacity 24 V battery pack (Pack contains two 12 V 12 Ah batteries). 2 battery packs supplied
  • 12V Dual bank Charger runs on 110V AC/220V

Manipulator Specifications:

  • Lifting capacity: 75 lbs (34 kg)
    • Vertical reach 76” (193 cm)
    • Horizontal reach 34” (86.36 cm)
  • Motorized arm extension 19” (48.26 cm)
  • Rotating Claw Wrist Assembly with 85° of tilt
  • Standard Claw Wrist Assembly with 91° of tilt
  • 3 Claws are available with colour cameras and LED lights
  • Tilting/panning single recoilless disrupter mount
    • Laser aiming. (3 mW, Red Laser)
    • Colour sighting camera with LED light
    • 270° of movement


  • Main Camera– Colour zoom camera (optical x30, digital x32) zoom and manual/auto focus control, LED light source, and 360° panning with automatic center stop
  • Infrared Camera- Black/white low light infrared camera with infrared light source
  • Back-up Camera– Colour back-up with remote tilt and LED light
  • Tilting Camera- Colour camera with remote tilt and LED light
  • Drive Camera- Colour drive camera with LED light
  • Rotating Claw Camera- Colour rotating claw camera with LED light
  • Standard Claw Camera - Colour Standard claw camera with LED light
  • Disrupter Camera- Colour disrupter camera with LED light

Briefcase OCU (Operators Control Unit):

  • Incorporates robot controls and 10.4” (26.4 cm) sunlight readable TFT LCD display
  • Single frequency for Video, Audio and Robot control
  • Two-way digital audio
  • On-screen robot and OCU status
  • Integrated SSD hard drive for video recording. Recordings are time stamped
  • USB output for moving video to USB flash drive
  • Audio/Video outputs and headphone jack
  • 3 Joysticks to control proportional robot functions
  • Switches for On/Off functions
  • Control Operations (joysticks and switches) can be performed simultaneously

Hand Held Controller:

  • A small robot controller for loading/ off loading of the robot from a vehicle. Automatic switching between OCU and Hand Held Controller

OCU Tripod:

  • Heavy duty tripod with mounts for OCU
  • Light weight anodized aluminum construction

Portable Control Cable Reel:

  • Cable reel with contact ring assembly for continuous feed
  • 328 ft (100 m) Standard control cable. Optional cable length 492 ft (150 m)


  • Dual Shock Tube Initiator: Two channel shock tube initiator with robot mount
  • Demolition Reel: 7” (17.8 cm) demolition reel with 225 ft (68 m) of demolition wire
  • X-Ray Adaptation Kit: X-ray Adaptation kit for mounting Golden Engineering X-ray units
  • Real time X-ray mount. Holder has mount for VCU and X-ray Source
  • Power Drill Kit: Remote drilling capability for RMI robots
  • Claw Tool Kit: Tool system designed for the Rotating Claw. Tire Spike, Window Breaker, Belt Cutter, Box Cutter, Small Side Cutters, Side Finger Mount and Storage Case
  • Boot Banger Deployment Assembly: Boot Banger Deployment system for the BootBanger VBIED disrupter
  • Extender arm kit: Solid extender arm package to extend robot reach