Setting the Standard in Performance, Reliability and Service
RMI-9 (Remote Mobile Investigator)

Pedsco (Canada) Ltd.

Pedsco (Canada) Ltd. has been supplying Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) to the EOD field for 45 years. It is the designer and manufacturer of the RMI (Remote Mobile Investigator) line of robots and accessories. Our expertise in design and ease of operation has resulted in the production of one of the most widely accepted robots in its field worldwide.

Pedsco was founded in 1977 as an X-Ray design and service company for the Hospital and Security fields. A request from the local Police force to design a unit that could handle suspect packages changed the course of the company. Now over 45 years later Pedsco is still supplying robots to Police, Fire, Nuclear, and Military Agencies worldwide.

The ease of operation, versatility and reliability has always played an important factor in the design of Pedsco’s products. Pedsco has always strived to provide excellent customer service and support with our network of agents worldwide or through direct contact with us.

Pedsco continues to set the standard in Performance, Reliability and Service.