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RMI-9 (Remote Mobile Investigator)

Remote Mobile Investigator (RMI)

The RMI is a Remote Mobile Investigator that is used by Police, Fire Departments, Military, Nuclear and Industrial Institutions world wide. It is a lightweight, battery operated, multi-purpose vehicle that has proven to be ideal for the remote handling of Improvised Explosive Devices, Hazardous Chemicals, Radio Active Materials, Fire Fighting, Hostage Situations, Hijackings, and other Hazardous Situations. The RMI has been chosen by experienced technicians world wide due to it's dependability, simplicity, and ease of operation.


The RMI-9XD is a versatile 6 wheeled vehicle with removable tracks for extra climbing capability. The RMI-9XD adds dual extending front arms, upgraded IP-67 plugs and sealed electronics, digital video transmission, and a total of 8 camera ports. Add a tilting disrupter mount, hitch kit and new claw tools, and the RMI-9XD is ready to take on the most demanding missions.


  • 6 wheel drive with removable track system.
  • High lifting capacity 80 kg manipulator with dual extension front arm.
  • Right side of arm offers motorized arm extension 19” (48.26 cm) for claw.
  • Left side of arm offers motorized arm extension 19” (48.26 cm) for disrupter.
  • Tilting/panning dual recoilless disrupter mount with laser aiming, colour disrupter sighting camera with LED light and disrupter firing terminals.
  • Three different types of claws are available with cameras.
  • Modular design allows for easy service/repair.
  • Main camera with 30x optical zoom, 360° pan and LED Lighting. Tilting camera, Back-up camera and front drive camera with LED lights.
  • Operators Control Unit (OCU). All in one Briefcase style unit with 10.4” (26.4cm) daylight readable LCD. Joysticks for proportional control and switches for on/off functions.
  • Multiple functions can be performed simultaneously.
  • 2 way wireless communication with push to talk microphone.
  • 100 m (330’) control cable on continuous feed reel. Optional 200 m (660') control cable.