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RMI9 (Remote Mobile Investigator)

Remote Mobile Investigator (RMI)

The RMI is a Remote Mobile Investigator that is used by Police, Fire Departments, Military, Nuclear and Industrial Institutions world wide. It is a lightweight, battery operated, multi-purpose vehicle that has proven to be ideal for the remote handling of Improvised Explosive Devices, Hazardous Chemicals, Radio Active Materials, Fire Fighting, Hostage Situations, Hijackings, and other Hazardous Situations. The RMI has been chosen by experienced technicians world wide due to it's dependability, simplicity, and ease of operation.


The RMI-9WT is a versatile 6 wheeled vehicle with removable tracks for extra climbing capability.


  • 5 Cameras with Lights:
    • Main colour camera with 260x zoom, manual/auto focus and 360º pan.
    • Miniature tilting colour camera, mountable on various places on the robot.
    • Miniature colour camera built into rotating claw/standard claw.
    • Back- up camera with optional remote tilt.
    • Black & white IR camera with IR light source.
  • Equipped with video switcher for simultaneous viewing of 4 cameras on the TV screen.
  • On-screen display of robot battery voltage.
  • Three claws with variable pressure selection:
    • Universal claw with 10 ¼ “(26 cm) opening.
    • Rotating claw with 10 ¼ “(26 cm) opening.
    • Large barrel claw with 29 ½” (75 cm) opening.
  • Lifting capacity 175 lbs (80kg).
  • Mounting for shotgun and two disrupters.
    • All weapons equipped with lasers for aiming.
    • Lasers flash for easy identification of TV screen.
    • Weapon firing circuits are encoded for security
  • Motorized extension arm and three arm extenders allow access to hard to reach locations such as under cars, in cars, window sills, etc.
  • The claw, cameras and disrupter can be mounted on the arm extenders.
  • Wireless or wired two way communication can be used for hostage situations or hijackings.
  • X-ray attachment for the XR150/XR200/XRS-3 X-ray unit and real-time X-ray systems.
  • Control box operates all functions of the RMI wirelessly or by cable.
    • Precise movement of the RMI can be mastered with intuitive joystick control.
  • Modular construction for easy service.
  • Operator control station equipped with cable drum for up to 200 m (660”) control cable, removable TV cabinet, command transmitter and PA system.