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RMI9 (Remote Mobile Investigator)



  • Length - without tracks/with tracks 43.3”/47” (110/117 cm)
  • Width - without tracks/with tracks 25¾”/27” (65.4/68.5 cm)
  • Ground clearance – without tracks/with tracks 3½”/4.5” (8.9/11.5 cm)
  • Height with arms down (without camera) - 29” (74 cm)
  • Weight - 317/387 lbs (144/176 kg) without/with accessories


  • Speed - 0-1.8 mph (0-3 km/h) forward and reverse
  • Turns on own axis
  • Slope - 45º
  • Operating environment (all weather) -20°C / +50°C
  • Robot battery – 2 x 12VDC 55 A/h
  • Battery life - 5-6 hours typical mission
  • 6 wheel drive. Removable rubber track system
  • Two minute delay weapons safety circuit with 4 check lights enhances operator safety
  • ¼ -turn Mil-spec connectors with IP67 rating


  • Lifting capacity
    • 180 lbs (81 kg) at 8” (20.3 cm) in front of robot
    • Full extension 44” (112 cm) in front of robot 90 lbs (41kg)
    • With extender arm 67” (170 cm) in front of robot 40 lbs (18 kg)
  • Maximum reach without solid extender arms
    • Vertical 90” (228 cm)
    • Horizontal 44” (112 cm)
  • Right side motorized arm extension for claw 20” (50 cm)
  • Left side motorized arm extension for disrupter 20” (50 cm)
  • Tilting or panning dual recoilless disrupter mount (located on left front arm)
    • Dual laser aiming
    • Colour sighting camera with LED light
    • Dual firing terminals
  • Back arm travel of 68°
  • Front arm travel 88°
  • Arms powered by 12 or 24 VDC linear actuators with safety clutch, controlled by zero backlash speed controller
  • Mount for shotgun
  • Gun trigger assembly
  • Solid extender arms - three different sizes


  • Digital Transmitter system allows extended range, flicker free video reception, frequency hopping, integrated two way audio, 128 bit encryption and ability to record to USB flash drive. Selection of single or 4 camera view with on screen battery information.
  • Range 1000m line of sight

Camera Specifications:

  • Main camera - Colour 260x zoom camera with remote zoom and manual/auto focus control, halogen light source, 360° panning with automatic stop dead center
  • Tilting camera - miniature colour TV camera with remote tilt and LED light
  • Back up camera - miniature colour TV camera with remote tilt and LED light
  • IR camera - (mounted in Main camera housing) black/white low light infrared camera with infrared light source
  • Drive camera - Colour drive camera with LED light
  • Disrupter camera- Colour camera integrated into disrupter mount
  • Gun camera - Colour gun sighting camera with integrated aiming laser
  • Rotating claw camera - Colour rotating claw camera with LED light
  • Standard claw camera - Colour standard claw camera with LED light
  • Barrel claw camera - Colour barrel claw camera with LED light

Operator Control station:

  • Command Transmitter - 3 joysticks for proportional functions, switches for on/off functions, voltmeter and 12 VDC Battery
  • Operators Control Station with 10.4" daylight readable LCD monitor in waterproof pelican case. OFDM based digital transmitter and receiver with automatic frequency selection, frequency hopping, 128 bit encryption, on screen information, Two-way audio, AV output, time stamped mission record with download to USB flash drive.
  • Frequency 2.4 GHz or 700 MHz
  • 100m (330ft) heavy duty control cable with 4 pin quick disconnect plugs mounted on reel with slip ring for continuous feed (200m max). Steel operators dolly with pneumatic tires

RMI-9XD Accessories:

  • Claw tools: window breaker, tire spike, belt cutter, box cutter, small and large side cutters.
  • X-ray attachment for the XR150/XR200/XRS-3 X-ray unit and real-time X-ray systems.
  • Power drill kit with remote on/off
  • Reinforced chassis to accommodate hitch kit
  • Remote mechanical hitch release assembly
  • Solid extender arms
  • Shock tube initiator
  • Demolition reel with firing line
  • Recoilless disrupter systems.